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Why is Fox News so Pro-Trump?

Fox News is a conservative news network that has become increasingly supportive of President Donald Trump since he was elected. The network often portrays his views positively and defends him against criticism from other outlets and politicians. Fox News has been criticized for its pro-Trump stance, with some accusing the network of being biased and of not adhering to journalistic standards. Fox News has denied these accusations, claiming that its coverage is balanced and fair. The relationship between Fox News and President Trump provides both parties with benefits. Trump has an outlet that consistently backs his views, while Fox News receives exclusive access to the president.

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What is the best source for daily, un-opinionated world news?

The best source for unbiased world news is the BBC. It provides a comprehensive range of news coverage from around the world, including politics, economics, science and technology, health, environment, business, and culture. The BBC also offers a range of interactive tools, such as its world news app, which allows users to access the latest news from anywhere. In addition, the BBC also has several language-specific services, offering news in Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Spanish, and other languages. The BBC is also a reliable source of analysis and commentary from a range of experts and commentators. It is also a trusted source of international news, which is updated daily.

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