Why does Donald Trump lie about the news?

Why does Donald Trump lie about the news?
Caspian Wexler Jul, 20 2023

Understanding the Phenomenon of Falsehoods

Before we can delve into the specifics of why Donald Trump lies about the news, it's important to first understand the broad phenomenon of political falsehoods. It's no secret that politicians often bend the truth to suit their narratives. However, the frequency and blatant disregard for the truth in some of Trump's statements make his case particularly intriguing. The question is, why does he do it? Is it a strategic choice or a deep-rooted habit?

Manipulation of Public Perception

One of the most common reasons why Trump, like many politicians, may lie about the news is to manipulate public perception. By controlling the narrative, he's able to shape people's views and opinions to align with his own. This is particularly effective when the audience is already inclined to believe in him or when they're not equipped with the right tools to verify the truth.

Diverting Attention

Another reason Trump might lie about the news is to divert attention away from unfavorable stories or facts. This is a common strategy used by many politicians. By creating a new 'reality', he ensures that the public and media focus on his version of events, rather than on the actual facts that might be damaging to his reputation.

Undermining Trust in Media

Throughout his presidency, Trump has consistently attacked and undermined the credibility of the media. This seems to be a strategic choice, aimed at making the public distrust the media, thereby making his own falsehoods or misrepresentations more believable. This strategy is often referred to as "gaslighting".

Mobilizing His Base

Trump's lies often seem to be specifically targeted at mobilizing his base. By feeding them misinformation that aligns with their views or fears, he can rile them up and ensure their continued support. This is particularly effective in an era where social media echo chambers can further reinforce these falsehoods.

Rewriting History

Another possible reason for Trump's lies about the news is his desire to rewrite history. By making false claims about past events, he can shape the public's understanding of history to suit his narrative. This is particularly concerning as it can lead to a distorted view of historical events and their implications.

Trump's Relationship with Truth

Ultimately, Trump's relationship with the truth seems to be a complex one. On one hand, he seems to understand the power of falsehoods as a political tool. On the other hand, there are instances where he appears to genuinely believe in his own lies. This could be a result of cognitive dissonance, confirmation bias, or his unique personality traits.

Implications and Consequences

Finally, it's important to reflect on the implications and consequences of Trump's lies. They have undoubtedly contributed to a climate of mistrust and division in society. They've also made it more challenging for the public to discern truth from falsehood, and ultimately, to hold him accountable for his actions. This is a concerning trend, not just for the US, but for democracies around the world.