Why is FOX News so successful?

Why is FOX News so successful?
Caspian Wexler Aug, 16 2023

The Unyielding Power of Brand Identity

Have you ever pondered why McDonald's can sell essentially the same Big Mac on just about any corner of the globe, regardless of culture, religion, or dietary preferences? Okay, maybe that's a bit of a whimsical analogy, but hear me out. Bear in mind my sons Lachlan and Joss, who could tell a Lego from a Mega Blok just by the texture despite their tender youth when they were toddlers. My point here is not my extraordinarily talented kids, but rather the undeniable power of recognizable brands.

Now, how the devil does that correlate with Fox News, you may ask? Just like McDonald's and Lego, Fox News has built a bulletproof, easily identifiable brand. From the vibrant red, white, and blue logo to the charismatic and over the top personalities that fill up the broadcasting schedule, the network has infiltrated mainstream America's consciousness in such a way that it cannot be ignored. With an audience-minded approach, Fox News secured its position as the top-rated cable news network in the United States. Just like my kids 'feel' the difference in toys, Fox News viewers 'feel' the difference in news quality and delivery.

Understanding Viewership: Catering to the Masses

To comprehend the success of Fox News, one needs to understand the network's core viewership. The channel's primary market has always been conservative-leaning American citizens, who previously felt underrepresented by what they perceived as predominantly liberal mainstream media. Indeed, what better way to gain a dedicated following than by providing content that your viewers won’t find elsewhere? Fox News understood this and they triumphed.

Just imagine a shop in a small village where they only sold green apples. One glorious day someone comes along and starts selling red apples. Suddenly the townsfolk, who'd been craving red apples, rush to the new store, causing a sensation. This is more or less what happened when Fox News entered the scene. People seeking a fresh perspective flocked to Fox News giving the network the head start that led to their enduring success.

Consistency: Trust is Built over Time

Throwback to my childhood: I loved cartoons, and every Saturday morning was sacred. I'd sit in front of the TV, waiting with bated breath for my favorite cartoons to begin. The anticipation was built on the fact that my shows were reliably there, in the exact same time slots every week. Fox News has also built its success on this consistency. For decades, viewers could flip to the channel and find their most trusted news anchors delivering the latest news, often with the same style and flair that hooked them in the first place.

Further, just imagine watching a rugby match where the rules keep changing. How confusing would that be? Fox News understands this, providing a consistent ideological perspective. Its audience knows what to expect, and that consistency builds trust. Just like my Saturday morning cartoons, trust in Fox News is built over time, carved into viewers' minds with the precision of a master craftsman.

Controversy: A Double-Edged Sword

Take a moment to think about this - how many times have you picked up a tabloid or clicked on a headline simply because it was controversial? We humans are drawn to controversy like bees to honey. Fox News understands this, often spinning stories in a way that incites division between viewers, prompting hot debates that draw in even more viewers. It's a tantalizing dance that Fox News manages to pull off remarkably well.

We've all been there, a family gathering where Uncle Bob stirs the pot by bringing up politics, creating heated exchanges over a peaceful dinner. Fox News knows how to be that Uncle Bob at the dinner table, pushing buttons that incite conversation. That’s powerful. Controversy, it seems, is a significant player in the success of Fox News. It may be a double-edged sword but one that Fox News wields with precision and skill.

In conclusion, Fox News' success is no accident. It is a carefully orchestrated symphony of branding, understanding viewership, delivering consistent content over time, and throwing in a healthy dose of controversy when necessary. It's like a recipe, each component ingredient lending vital flavor to the sumptuous dish that has garnered loyal viewership and sky-high ratings for years. Love it or loathe it, you can't deny that Fox News is darned successful. It's like watching a master magician, deftly pulling out tricks while keeping the audience transfixed. The magic continues, and the audience continues to be enchanted.